We study to grow in knowledge and give examinations to keep the brain in action, but our mind is not the only thing which needs exercising.

It is commonly agreed upon that our minds need to grow. We train constantly at school, college and work to make sure our minds are functioning to the best possible extent and contributing to the society in the best way they can. In this obsession with the mind, we tend to forget that our bodies deserves equal attention, if not more.

Every school has sports embedded in their curriculum as they understand the importance of physical health and activity. However, the importance given to sports ends there— in its inclusion just for the sake of formality.

Many schools do not properly encourage students to participate in sporting events and parents add to the physical hindrance by not believing that this field can bring as much or even better chances of success than the academic field.

PE classes should be taken just for the fun of it. Sports deserves as much sincerity and attention as any academic subject. It is the duty of schools to recognize this importance and develop a good curriculum so both students and parents may take interest in the field.

There are studies that prove that playing a sport can actually help in improving grades as it enhances focus. Also, a fit mind, immunity and sound mental health reside in a fit body. Time spent playing sports boosts confidence, thus decreasing instances of low self-esteem. The soft skills of team-work and collaboration get inculcated in sportspersons, along with the ability of quick thinking and spontaneous decision making.

In a good sports curriculum, the whole student body is a part of it and not only the chosen few. Students must be given exposure to different sports at an early age, so that interest can be developed. Marks given by sports incharges must hold the same value as other subjects.

Of course, it can be agreed that academics are important, but ‘all work and no play’ does really make Jack a dull boy. Whether for life-skills, or recreation, or fitness, a good sports curriculum is of utmost significance in the life of a student.